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Mention the name Sandy Lim or "莎莎" (in Chinese) most people would inevitably relate to their "passionate, larger than life, dare you maybe" female property agent whose passion & commitment towards her clients is second to none.  Over the last 20 years, Sandy is very proud to have received many accolades and recognition from within & outside of the real estate industry. In a class of her own, unsurpassed in services and armed with years of experiences, Sandy has attained iconic status in the the real estate world that has set the standards for many aspiring junior salespersons. 

At the same time, with the encouragement of ERA Leadership Team, Sandy has also embarked on the management path of the business by starting a dynamic team of her own. With her magnificent track records & amazing sales credentials, she was able to very quickly attract bright, young talents and even experienced agents to join her team. Her philosophy & mission is to share and impart her vast experiences in the real estate industry to the newer and younger agents so that one day the agents in her team can emulate and duplicate her very own tremendous success.


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